Has Divorce devastated you?
You are not alone…

Let me help you pick up the

pieces of your life, find courage, strength
and grace to become whole again.

Dear friend,

Do I have your permission to ask a direct question?
Are you struggling with the
life-disrupting tailspin of (his) infidelity and divorce…?
Then, I’d like to help you with that for FREE (in 15 minutes)

But, before I explain why…
Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself…
My name is Julie Martin, and I help female divorcees (who struggle like you) to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Incredible ladies (just like you) that found themselves out of control and out of solutions.
Top 3 questions I am continuously asked:
How do I move on from this?
Where do I start?
How can I take the pain away?
Countless women have sought out answers to these questions…

And, they land right on my heart because…

I have been there and I have asked the very same questions.

And, I know the answers 😊

I have been the guest on an internationally syndicate radio show and was blessed to have reached so many (struggling) female divorcees.

More importantly though…

I know how to help and I know how to do this with confidentiality, support and understanding.

And, I tell you this so that you know you don’t have to silently struggle anymore…

You are about to get free help from someone who know exactly what you are going through…

And, someone who has a passion to helping divorcees, like you, to move through, grow and thrive in your new life.

With that being said…

Let’s talk about your free offer for help…
Here’s The Deal:
For a limited time (limited by my availability and those that qualify),

I am offering a FREE 15 minute “strategy” Call.

What's the goal for this call?

Super simple…

I want to give you one actionable step to stop the hurting, start the healing and get you moving forward and onto thriving in your new life!

It will be simple…

It will be spot on…

You can apply it immediately!

Better yet, this actionable step will be personal to you and your situation 😊

And, because the goal is to be achieved in 15 minutes we need to follow an efficient structure.

First, I am going to ask you some questions (nothing complex) to gain insight into your personal situation, easy peasy right?

Second, based on your answers I am going to lovingly tell you exactly what you need to do immediately for your benefit.

It will be specific to you.

And, the best part of this…

There is absolutely nothing to sell on this call.

You heard right, this call is FREE and the action step you get is FREE.
Now you are thinking…
Why is she giving me this
15 Minute Strategy Call for FREE?

You asked the perfect question.

(Considering I typically charge $200 an hour for private personal coaching)

Well this is why…

There are TWO reasons…

This is my passion.

It breaks my heart knowing far too many beautiful women are silently struggling with infidelity (from a partner) and divorce…

To know that having a one-on-one 15 minute chat can help and possibly change their life forever? 

I am there!

And, I can help!

This is the experience I have had with my clients and I know I can have this with you, too…

It makes every coaching call worth it!

The second reason I am giving you this personal Strategy Call is because…

So often the women are so blown away with our chat that they turn into client relationships.

“Stop! What did you just say? You said there was not a sales pitch? Right?”

Yes, you are correct; there is not a sales pitch.

And, yet, after our 15 minute conversation so many of these women want to continue the conversation and work personally with me.

Sometimes it is 1 day, sometimes 1 week or even 1 year…

But, they reach out to me and want to continue our conversation…

Our connection is so powerful that a “little birdie” tweets in their ear, and…

They reach out!

And, I am always here!

Remember, this is my passion.
And, for this reason, I am passionate about giving away these calls for free because they do make a difference.

So, please keep in mind, there is nothing to sell during the call.

15 minute personal chat, that’s it!

At the end of our conversation you will have one personal action step in your pocket!

Then off you go…
This FREE Offer is not for everyone.
There are some it is a good fit for and some
it is not a good fit for…
I can only help a specific divorcee on these Strategy Calls.

Understanding each situation allows me to be the most beneficial in helping them.

First, (as a qualifier for a chat) my specialized coaching is in working with divorcees whose lives have been torn apart by a partner’s infidelity.

I know it cuts to the core and is a pain point but my heart aches for these women and my passion is to get results!

Second, everything is built on trust.

We are dealing with real lives and real issues and I take that very serious.

We start with building upon our foundation with our first chat.

I guarantee to you that our conversation will be full of compassion, support and absolute confidentiality!

These 3 qualities are non-negotiable when we work together😊.

Third, the right time is now!

This situation needs you attention now, right?

Together, we will roll up our sleeves and start the work.

This third point is so important, you are reading this for a reason and I am listening.

Meaning, you need to regain your life now…

Not 6 months down the road

Not even 1 month or 2 weeks from now…

Can I be straight?

Chances are you have tried on your own for quite a while.

And, if you could have done it on your own…

You already would have.

Please read that line again and let it sit for a while.

I say this to you with understanding, compassion and a wee bit of tosh kicking 😊.
You are ready to take action now! Or, maybe not just yet…

It’s your choice.

And, that is it!

You know my criteria, it is remarkably simple.

This Is a Very Limited Opportunity
As a reminder, the FREE chat isn’t always available.

Sometimes it is quickly taken away because I get such a response.

There are only so many hours in the day and only 1 me 😊

So, if you come back tomorrow or even tonight the opportunity might be gone.

So, if you said “YES” to the criteria I strongly suggest you check out my booking calendar and select a time for us to chat now while this offer is still available.
Here’s What to Do Next…
Please pick a day and time when you can truly focus on you…

This is super important and will benefit the success of our call.

About 10 minutes after scheduling your call you will receive an email with the next step which is…

Select the LINK and complete a quick information form (don’t worry about remembering this instruction, it will be completely explained in your email).

Remember, all information is confidential.

The better I understand your situation the better I can help you.

It’s a win win for each of us.

Super duper simple!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

x. Julie  
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